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Jul 28 2015

5 Tips for Lowering Your Grocery Bill

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We're all guilty of racking up a big grocery bill! By the time we've gone up and down every aisle in the supermarket our shopping carts can overflow. The next time you are heading to the store to fill your pantry, remember these tips so you can keep your grocery bill on the low side!

1. Plan your weekly menu. By thinking ahead of time what you want to eat for meals throughout the week, you'll not only save money you'll also save time at the store. Making a menu keeps us from throwing lots of random, unnecessary items in our carts.

2. Make a list and stick to it. When you write out your shopping list, try to write it in order of the flow of the store. You can follow it as you go up and down the aisles and avoid going off track and overspending.

3. Buy items that are store brand when you can. Store brand items can be significantly cheaper than name brand and most of the time you won't even be able to tell the difference (other than having more cash in your wallet!)

4. Avoid coupons that say "buy one get one." Typically the items that are offered in these deals are items you don't even need in the first place. What's even worse is that the stores tend to mark up the prices on these items anyway so you're actually paying for the "free" item in the long run.

5. Make sure you're not hungry! Food shopping on an empty stomach can force us to make some bad decisions. Make sure you've recently eaten so you aren't basing your grocery choices off of your growling stomach.

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Jul 09 2015

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

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The warm weather is officially here and while we can sip lemonade and jump in the pool to stay cool, we have to remember our pets too! Hot days can lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion for our furry friends. Keep reading for some great tips to keep your pets cool and safe this summer!

1. Make sure your pet has plenty of cold, fresh water at all times. If you're traveling or taking long walks, remember to bring a bowl and water with you so your dog can hydrate.

2. If you're going to be leaving your pet alone in the house for a long period of time, remember to leave the air conditioner on for them. They get hot sitting in a stuffy house too!

3. Never leave them in the car even if the windows are cracked. The temperature inside of a car can rise very quickly on a hot day. Keep your pet safe by leaving them home or taking them with you if you exit the car.

4. Be mindful of their paws. On really hot days it's not a good idea to walk with your dog. Not only can they get over-heated, but hot pavement can burn their feet.

5. Make sure they have shade. If your dog likes playing outside, make sure there is a shady area for them to lie down when they're ready to take a break.

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Jun 30 2015

Tips for Hosting a Great 4th of July Party

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We can't believe Independence Day is right around the corner! If you are planning to host a celebration for the 4th keep reading to learn our tips for throwing a great 4th of July party at your home!

1. Decorate in red white and blue - People love getting decked out for the 4th of July so make sure your home is looking Patriotic for the event. Get red, white and blue tablecloths and cups and blow up matching balloons for color.

2. Set up an activity for kids - Remember this post we wrote last year? (DIY 4th of July Parade Wands) Take a look and learn how the kids at your party can make some 4th of July parade wands to stay busy.

3. Have plenty of cold beverages - July 4th is notorious for being hot! Make sure your guests have plenty of cold drinks available to them to stay hydrated. Fill a few coolers and label them with what's inside so people don't have to dig through them to find what they're looking for.

4. Make festive desserts - A red, white and blue trifle or star-sprinkled cupcakes? Why not make both? Your guests (especially the kids) will love devouring these.

5. Make room in the shade - Have plenty of umbrellas and shaded areas available to your guests so they can step out of the sun if needed.

6. Add a sunscreen and bug spray station - If your party is going to take place outdoors, think about filling a bucket with sunscreens and bug sprays for your guests to use. Place them in a central place that's easily accessible.

7. Dress the part - Pick up some fun items from your local party store for your guests to wear. Think beads, glasses and hats that are inspired by Uncle Sam!

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Jun 22 2015

5 Tips for Keeping a Tidy Workspace

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Whether it's your desk at work or the one in your home office, it's important to keep your work space clean! Stacks of paper, pieces of mail and other items can really start piling up causing a cluttered mess. Follow these five steps to keep your desk neat and tidy every day!

1. Clean your cluttered piles weekly. Designate a time of the week (maybe Friday after lunch) to spend some time going through your piles of paperwork and other clutter and put things back in their place. Shred anything that is unwanted to get rid of it for good.

2. Make sure everything has a home. You can purchase stack-able, plastic holders for all of your desk supplies at your local office supply store. You will feel much tidier if all of your pens, flash drives, notepads etc have a place to call home.

3. Clean your keyboard and wipe down your work space weekly. Use an air duster to clean the keyboard and wipe down your desk and phone with a disinfectant.

4. Use file cabinets. Misplacing important documents can be easy to do if you don't have a proper filing system in place. Hang some folders and start organizing your paperwork to keep it out of sight.

5. Start labeling. Whether you like to use a label maker or you trust your own penmanship, having things labeled will certainly give your workspace a sense of organization. You can label your trays for outgoing mail, our drawers on your file cabinet and your folders.

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Jun 17 2015

15 Beach Day Essentials

By Princeton Properties | Travel, Lifestyle, | (0) Comments

The official start to summer is only days away which means there are many sunny beach days ahead of us! If you like spending your weekends relaxing on the sand, keep reading to find out what is on our list of beach essentials. Keep these items in a bag and in your car so whenever an impromptu beach day presents itself, you'll be fully prepared!

1. Sunscreen
2. A beach chair
3. A good book
4. A cooler
5. A big hat to keep the rays off your face
6. A towel and a beach blanket
7. Sunglasses
8. An umbrella to shield the sun
9. Toys for the kids
10. Snacks
11. Wet wipes to clean sand off your hands
12. A change of clothes
13. A sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt just in case
14. Flip flops or sandals
15. Bottled water

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what to pack for the beach, beach essentials, what to bring to the beach, packing for vacation

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