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Nov 18 2015

How to Prepare Your Home for House Guests

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With the holidays quickly approaching it means we'll be welcoming family and friends into our homes for parties and events. Eliminate the stress of last minute cleaning and preparation by getting ready for houseguests early!

1. Clean spare bedrooms or sleeping areas for overnight guests now. Wash bedding and vacuum carpets/floors.

2. Tidy up your entryway. Put away any items that are cluttering the area and leave plenty of room for guests to put their shoes and store their winter coats.

3. Refresh your bathrooms by refilling all toiletries. Wash the floors and clean all surfaces of the bathroom.

4. Guests never show up empty handed. Clear some space in your refrigerator and throw out old items. You'll want plenty of room to store extra food and leftovers.

5. Check the exterior. Make sure your walkways are cleaned up and clear. Also check your exterior lights and make sure none of the bulbs are burnt out.

6. Stock up on breakfast items. You'll want to offer coffee and juice to your guests first thing in the morning. Make sure you have all of the essentials so you aren't running out to the store bright and early.

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Nov 13 2015

5 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving Now

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Thanksgiving is officially less than 2 weeks away! If you are hosting this year you are probably in full-preparation mode already! Save yourself some time on turkey day by getting some things checked off your list now.

1. Order your turkey (if you haven't already.) It's risky to assume that you can go to the grocery store and pick up a turkey that's the proper size for your dinner. Call ahead and order one now.

2. Buy all of the non-perishable items now. Don't fight the crowds the week of Thanksgiving and spend hours in the grocery store. Shop for items like canned goods, baking supplies and beverages now.

3. Make a list of the items you'll need to cook. Figure out how long each item will take (and at what temperature.) This will give you a great game plan for what to prepare first on Thanksgiving day.

4. Find your linens and place settings. If you store your fancier items away, pull them out of hiding now and make sure nothing is broken or damaged. Iron your cloth napkins and tablecloths early!

5. Order your centerpieces. If you are planning on having floral arrangements on your tables, go ahead and place the order now. You'll want to be sure you can pick them up the day before your big event.

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Nov 05 2015

7 Ways to Recycle your Halloween Pumpkins

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Halloween is behind us and that leaves us all wondering what to do with all of those pumpkins that are hanging around! If you're not interested in keeping your pumpkins intact, try recycling them one of these ways!

1. Scoop out the seeds and roast them in the over for a delicious snack.

2. Use them as serving bowls. Cut off the tops, remove the insides and place a bowl inside for a seasonal touch to your Thanksgiving.

3. Have enough serving bowls? Cut them and clean them the same way and stick your potted plants in them instead.

4. Cook with them! Make pumpkin butter or pumpkin chutney for your seasonal events.

5. Turn them into turkeys. If they haven't been carved, glue some feather and eyes on your pumpkins for a fun, Thanksgiving craft.

6. Fill with birdseed for an all natural bird feeder.

7. Compost your pumpkins after cutting them up (make sure there is no paint or artificial objects on them if you do this!)

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Oct 27 2015

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween

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Last year we wrote a post about staying safe on Halloween. This year we want to make sure your pets are also safe! Whether you're out trick or treating or handing out candy this Saturday, follow these steps to make sure your pets also have a great holiday!

1. Keep your candy is a safe place. Make sure it's not left in a bowl that is close to the ground and tempting for your pet. If eaten, your animal could become very sick. To be safe, keep the Halloween treats in a seal-able bowl or on a high surface.

2. Make sure they aren't in the yard. On Halloween night, make sure to find your pet and keep them inside. You won't want any young kids playing tricks on your pet or feeding them candy.

3. Have a safe place for them in the house while answering the door. Whether it's a gated room or a central space that has a door that can be closed, make sure your animal has a place to stay. Some trick or treaters may be afraid of dogs and you wouldn't want to risk an escape.

4. Keep outdoor cats inside if possible the days leading up to Halloween and even the days after. Cats tend to be victim to Halloween pranks...especially black cats.

5. Make sure all candle-lit pumpkins are out of reach and outdoors. While you are busy answering the door you don't want your dog or cat to accidentally knock over a candle-lit pumpkin. Stick to LED candles or flashing bulbs.

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Oct 14 2015

5 Classic Fall Dessert Recipes

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We just heard that today is National Dessert Day! In the spirit of the season (and today's holiday) we wanted to share some delicious recipes for classic, fall desserts.

1. Apple Crisp

2. Pumpkin Pie

3. Baked Apple Cider Donuts

4. Blueberry Cobbler

5. Pecan Pie

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fall desserts, fall recipes, apple crisp, pecan pie, blueberry cobbler, pumpkin pie, cider donuts

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