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Jan 20 2015

4 Tips for Successfully De-Cluttering Your Home

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We all have had issues with clutter whether it's our kitchen drawers that get filled up with junk or our linen closets. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and we're unsure how to fix the problem! Here are 4 tips to help you get rid of your clutter fast!

1. Choose one room at a time! Don't expect to de-clutter your entire home in one weekend. Instead, pick one room at a time and focus on a smaller area.

2. Remove junk before you start buying. Bins and baskets are a great way to store our everyday household items. Before you go out and buy a bunch of containers for your stuff, clean the area and determine just how many you'll need so you aren't buying in excess.

3. Finish what you start. Sometimes when we start cleaning we can create a bigger mess than we had when we started. To avoid digging yourself into a clutter hole, finish each task before moving onto another space.

4. Give yourself a break! If you de-cluttered your office on Sunday and by Saturday it seems messy again, don't give up. Put items away before things get out of hand again. Spending five minutes putting clutter back into it's home each night will save you a lot of time in the long run and you won't have to start all over.

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Jan 05 2015

5 Tips For Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

By Princeton Properties | Health, Lifestyle, | (0) Comments

Making resolutions is easy...sticking to them is the tough part! Whether you are trying to lose weight, save money or get organized here are some tips to help you be more successful with your goals this year!

1. Make your goal realistic. If your goal is to lose weight, remember that losing 100 pounds in a year is just not feasible (for most of us) so make your goal one that is realistic to obtain in one year.

2. Make sure you resolutions are specific. Don't just say "I am going to get healthy in 2015." Instead say I am going to exercise three times per week this year and stick to it.

3. Find a buddy with a similar goal. If you want to quit smoking this year, find a friend who has the same wish and keep each other accountable. You can inspire each other to stick with it.

4. Give yourself a smaller time frame. One year is a long time to be held accountable for a lifestyle change. Instead give yourself monthly goals. For example, save 100 dollars by the end of January. Once you have done that, challenge yourself to save 200 dollars in February.

5. Don't be afraid of setbacks. We are all human and tend to slip up throughout the year. Don't worry about a setback and just get back on track rather than choose to give up.

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Dec 05 2014

5 Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

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'Tis the season for empty wallets! The holidays are certainly a time when we tend to drain our bank accounts shopping for the perfect gifts. Here are five tips to help you shop this season on a budget!

1. Make a list! Don't go to the mall blindly. Make sure you have a list of people to shop for and budget how much you want to spend on each person. Cross off people's names as you purchase their gifts.

2. Buy children something they want, need and something to read! Instead of going overboard with toys and clothes, ask your children to come up with one gift they really want. Supplement that with an item they really need and then finally something they can read.

3. Search for coupon codes. Websites like retailmenot.com offer coupon codes for hundreds of stores we all shop every day. If you're shopping online, make sure to check for offers first!

4. Wait for sales. Stores like Macy's offer annual sales every holiday season where you can get many things for a discounted rate. Put items on hold and wait until the sale to pay for them and pick them up.

5. Stop when you hit your limit! We all tend to go overboard during the holidays but make sure you set a spending limit and do not go over it, no matter how early you finish your holiday shopping.

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Nov 24 2014

5 Thanksgiving Traditions to Start This Year

By Princeton Properties | Apartment Living, Food, Lifestyle, | (0) Comments

Interested in starting some Thanksgiving traditions with your family and friends? Here's a list of five great ways to make memories this turkey day.

1. Have every person at your dinner table write down one positive thing about each person in the room. Throw all of the answers into a bowl and read your own compliments aloud. This game will be sure to make everyone smile.

2. Have an award ceremony! Make everyone vote and hand out ribbons to the winners. Ideas for achievements could include "the best pie," "the biggest eater," "best dish washer" etc.

3. Watch a certain movie after dinner. Gather the family and friends around the TV after dessert and start a tradition of watching a great classic movie. Promise that the only night each year you'll watch that flick is on Thanksgiving.

4. Make a thankful tree! Have all of your guests write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf and hang it on a tree used as your table centerpiece.

5. Are you a competitive bunch? Why not have some turkey trivia? After dinner let the games begin, break up into two teams and play some good old fashioned trivia!

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Nov 18 2014

How to Choose and Thaw Your Thanksgiving Turkey

By Princeton Properties | Food, Lifestyle, | (0) Comments

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you're hosting, you have a lot on your plate (literally!)
Choosing the right turkey is one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving prep along with thawing it. Don't worry, we have you covered! Here's how to tackle these tasks the best way possible.

1. Think about size. Count how many guests you are going to have and then allow for 1 to 1 1/2 lbs per guest. This will ensure you have plenty to eat and some leftovers too!

2. Choose fresh or frozen. If you are buying your turkey soon before Thanksgiving you can purchase a fresh one (although it will cost you more.) If you want to be prepared well-ahead of time, pick up a frozen bird.

3. Thaw in the refrigerator. You'll need to thaw your turkey one day for every five pounds. Have a ten pounder? It will take two days to thaw so keep this in mind.

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